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Local Publications | Ad Rates and Publication Dates

KWPC runs a 1/2 page ad every other week in the Park Record, featuring property listings ($65 per listing) and an adoptable dog from Nuzzles & Co. The Park Record, located in Park City, Utah, has been serving Park City and Summit County since 1880. Published every Wednesday and Saturday, The Park Record is home delivered and also available free in select locations in the Park City area. The newspaper and website, are popular with local residents and visitors, covering news, sports, entertainment and dining, business, classified advertising and more. Special editions include the Film Festival Week, Real Estate and seasonal sections.

Homes & Land is a niche publication that makes its way into the hands of interested buyers. Research has shown that a tactile advertisement has a higher likelihood of being shared with friends, family, business partners, and local social centers. The lifespan of your ad is virtually limitless when compared to an electronic format. Homes & Land is published every 6 weeks, for a total of 8 issues per year.

ISSUE 1: Sign-Up By: Dec 11 | Runs: Jan 14 – Feb 24
ISSUE 2: Sign-Up By: Jan 27 | Runs: Feb 25 – Apr 14
ISSUE 3: Sign-Up By: Mar 17 | Runs: Apr 15- Jun 2
ISSUE 4: Sign-Up By: May 5 | Runs: Jun 3 – July 14
ISSUE 5: Sign-Up By: Jun 16 | Runs: Jul 15 – Aug 25
ISSUE 6: Sign-Up By: Jul 28 | Runs: Aug 26 – Oct 13
ISSUE 7: Sign-Up By: Sep 15 | Runs: Oct 14 – Nov 25
ISSUE 8: Sign-Up By: Oct 27 | Runs: Nov 26 – Jan 5